How to use Whatsapp without a Phone Number? [Step by Step]

how to use whatsapp without phone number

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger and has become part and parcel of everyone's life. Whatsapp is also one of the most secure messaging platforms.

It provides end-to-end encryption for messaging to its user. For this purpose, WhatsApp has set some restrictions on the platform. You need a phone number on Whatsapp that should be verifiable. For this verification, Whatsapp either sends a text message or makes a call to send a verification code. 

However, all this does not mean you cannot use Whatsapp without having a phone number. Yes, you have some other options and use Whatsapp without a phone number.

Here the whole process of using Whatsapp without a phone number has been mentioned step by step so that you can implement this process easily.

Download TextNow App

First of all, you need to install a mobile phone app TextNow. You can get this app on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows Phone Store. We will later use this app to get a virtual phone number.

Get Your Phone Number

Now you can open the application and you will see your phone number. What?... Phone Number... But we have to use Whatsapp without a phone number. Do not worry, it is not your real phone number. This is just a virtual phone number that has been allotted to you for texting. Getting your phone number is not difficult in this app. I do not want to complex the whole procedure and hope that you have got your virtual phone number. 

Open Whatsapp and Enter your Virtual Phone Number

Now, it is time to open your WhatsApp app and enter your phone number. It is asked to enter your phone number in Whatsapp if you have installed the Whatsapp application on your mobile just now. If you are not getting this option i.e. you might be already using another number on your Whatsapp. In this case, you can just either get the app manager and clear the data of Whatsapp or reinstall the app right after uninstalling.

Wait to Fail SMS Sending Process

After entering the phone number, Whatsapp will try to send you an SMS on your phone number for verification. You can wait till this process is failed.

Verify by Phone Call

After the failure to send an SMS, you will be asked for a call on your phone number. Select the option to verify by phone call. Now, you will receive a call at your virtual phone number. Note the verification code on a white paper and enter the verification code for authentication.

You have Done

Now you have done the whole process and now you can use Whatsapp without a real phone number. However, you are still using a number called the virtual phone number you received from TextNow App.

You have some other options as well. For example, you can use a landline number instead of a phone number. The same process will be repeated as described earlier in the case of the TextNow App but here you do not need to install a third-party app. You already know the number.

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