Do you want to create a mobile-friendly internet website/blog? You are at the place at right time.

The revolution in mobile technology has completely changed the technological world. Today, majority of the internet users are accessing the internet on their mobile devices. In the case of certain areas/topics such as tourism the usage of the internet through mobile devices is far more than your imaginations. Large numbers of social workers are accessing the internet using mobile devices. So, if your website is related to these kinds of topics, you need to focus more. Bla Bla Bla………..

Reasons to optimize website for mobile

If you want to know why you should design a mobile-friendly website, here are major factors and most of them are inter-related.

why to optimize website for mobile devices

A great number of mobile users

 This is the era of mobile technology. The usage of the internet through only desktop computers or laptops looks like a thing of the past. Now about more than half of the internet traffic comes through mobile devices.

These statics reveals the fact that the majority of the users are exploring the internet using their smartphones. This would be surely a blunder in the marketing strategy to ignore these users and this might cost you failure in your journey of marketing.

If you are not focusing on creating a mobile-friendly website, you will not be able to get the attention/engagement of the users. You might land on your site but they are likely to jump out after few seconds. So, you should always care about the users who are surfing the internet using their smartphones by providing them really what they deserve.

Google Loves mobile-friendly website

About 92.41 percent of the global organic traffic on the website comes from Google, therefore, you must optimize your website following Google’s recommendations.

When Google found out that more than half of the traffic on websites comes from mobile devices, it decided to prefer mobile-friendly websites. Google has categorically told that it will prefer the website that provides a good user experience mobile devices as well.

Google offers a free tool to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Good User Experience.

Imagine somebody is landing on your website and finding unskillfully formatted text, pictures, and shapes on your website, he/she will not take the content of the website seriously and think about it as a non-professional website.

He might leave your website and you will get no engagement. This usually happens when you don’t check our website on other than desktop devices most importantly smartphones.

You must take the user experience of your website on mobile devices also on priority. You should notice that ‘whether the fond used are legible on the small screen or not?’, ‘whether content or any other important information is not hiding behind images?’, ‘Whether image size is optimized for a mobile site or not?’, ‘whether the theme of the website is responsive for mobile devices or not?’, ‘whether the loading time is optimized for mobile devices or not?’ etc.

More Engagements

Engagement is the most important tool in marketing. More engagement means more sales. So, it is not enough to make the users land on your website but the most important factor is getting more engagements.

If you are not optimizing the content of your website for mobile devices, you’re going to lose a big engagement for your website.

If your website does not load fast on mobile devices, you will get fewer engagements on your website. Fewer engagements on your website will decrease the bounce rate. Bounce rate is an important factor for ranking your website on Google.

A mobile-friendly website gets more engagements which is an important factor for ranking your website. Therefore, engagements are indirectly responsible for the ranking of your website.

Wrapping Up

It is very important to create a mobile-friendly as it only provides more engagements to your website but also ranks your website higher in Google. So, you must not only focus on the desktop version but also attention to the optimization of a website to mobile devices.

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