How New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Differs from the Previous Updates

People are widely using WhatsApp as a private messenger where they trust on WhatsApp about their privacy. 

whatsapp new privacy policy

WhatsApp has been mentioning that it cares about the personal data of its users and it always states conspicuously about the privacy policies.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp has mentioned very clearly that it will share its data with its parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp is also sending in-app-notifications for its users to agree with its term. The major concern is that users have no other option than to accept these terms if they want to use WhatsApp services in the future.

Many people have raised concerns about the new WhatsApp privacy policy because they have no option other than to accept WhatsApp terms and conditions. Otherwise, they will have to bid good-bye and proceed to any other messenger platform.

 This is a situation of great disappointment for the users who are concerned with their privacy as they will have to leave this app (that is being used by the majority of people) that will cause a disturbance in their online socialization.

Many countries have also decided to investigate WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions. However, WhatsApp has clarified its stance about its new changes in the privacy policy. WhatsApp has mentioned in its section “How We Work with Other Facebook Companies” that WhatsApp offers integration with other Facebook companies to understand our services and infrastructure i.e. how people use our services etc.

In other words, all these changes are merely a part of the service improvement of either WhatsApp or other Facebook Companies. Anyhow, this new year’s change in the privacy of WhatsApp has produced a lot of ambiguity.

What type of data is WhatsApp going to Share with Facebook?

According to the new WhatsApp privacy policy, the data WhatsApp can share with Facebook will not include your private messages but Facebook will fetch data like WhatsApp contacts, your phone model, your phone IP address, OS, profile picture, time of contact, contact, and location, etc.

Boost in the Usage of Other Private Messenger

         Possible privacy threat in WhatsApp has led to boost the usage of other private messengers such as Signal, Telegram, etc. Following the change in privacy policies of WhatsApp, CEO Tesla, Elon Musk urged the people to use Signal.

The signal app has taken the advantage of the gap that has been created. Therefore, the number of users of the Signal app has also increased insanely.

Signal has implemented many of the new features (such as Signal has increased the number of video conference call participants to 8) that we found only on WhatsApp to attract the people.

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