Why You Should Update Your Website Regularly [Essential Reasons]

why you should update your website content

As a blogger, you might have heard the proverb that content is the king. 

Yeah! It's true as the content is the heart of your blog.

Mostly, people make a lot of mistakes regarding their websites.

One of those mistakes is not paying attention to keep their website or blog fresh and up to date.

 The freshness of the content of a website matters a lot.

Your blog will not be worth reading if it is not offering valuable content to its visitors.

When the content of your website is a vital part of your website, you must keep updating your website content regularly.

If you have responsive themes and widgets that make your website well-looking, but you don't have quality content on your blog, you will never be able to rank your website higher as it will not offer value to its visitors.

It indeed takes a lot of time to create a blog post, but in this article, I am giving you the reasons why you should also focus on your old content by making it fresh instead of just writing new content all the time.

Sometimes, your old content might rank better than a brand-new content if you make minor changes to make it suitable for the time being.

The main reasons why you should keep your blog content up to date are as the followings.

It Offers Better User Experience

As a blogger, you never want the visitors of your blog to experience a bad user experience on your blog and will try to best to provide them with the fresh content.

keep updating your website
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Imagine, you read an old blog post about the top marketing strategies in 2008. Will you be interested to learn about these strategies that might be deprecated now?

---Of course not. Because it does not provide a better user experience as you will find this content outdated as the strategies mentioned might be of no use for today.

The outdated content also works in the same way and cannot engage the visitors with the content.

The outdated content provides a bad user-experience as this might not meet the interest of the users of the time being.

Therefore, you should keep your blog content up to date up to date.

Google Loves Fresh Content

Having outdated content on your blog is something that can not only hurt your blog SEO but also can make or break your blogging career.

Different search engines, including Google, make a lot of algorithmic updates.

Most of these updates focus on providing users with valuable content. 

For example, the recent Google update called "May Core Update" was also a content-based Google update that aimed at valuable and fresh content.

Google corroborated the same and informed that this was a content-based update to provide its users with valuable and useful stuff.

Later on, analytics of the websites suggest the same that Google prioritized the fresh content and fresh and up to date content surpassed in the ranking.

Websites having outdated content lost the ranking as well.

That is why it is worth investing your time to keep updating your blog content regularly.

You Earn Backlinks

As you know, acquiring quality backlinks is one of the main external SEO factors to rank a website high.

If someone is trying to rank its website without quality backlinks, he is not going to succeed.

When you keep your content fresh and again post it on your social media platform, you get a lot of backlinks as a result that, ultimately, boosts the ranking of that page.

Time Errors

Everybody tries to write quality content on his/her blog. Despite all of your effort, you might still commit some error.

Sometimes, it is also better to change the year mentioned by adding some value to content such you can change the year 2018 to 2020 after adding some value (new strategies) in the post titled "top marketing strategies to follow in 2018". 

Similarly, if the content of blogs has tense used in the sentences that were fine for that time but are not suitable today, you can rectify them too.

For example, you have to change the present sentence into the past one.

Grammatical Errors

Similarly, you might also have grammatical, spelling, and word choice errors in the content of your website.

When you try to refresh your old blog post, you get a chance to review your blog posts and tackle such kind of errors where it is required.


It is a good and inevitable idea to write new and quality content on your blog and live in the recent era.

But, in the meanwhile, you should not forget the old content.

You must prefer to write evergreen articles and avoid as much as possible (not always) to write the content that you can keep up to date in the future.

You should pay attention to the other errors and their corrections in the blog post and keep updating your blog or website content to keep it up to date.

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