Best Digital Marketing Blogs You must Read [in 2022]

top 10 digital marketing blogs

There is no way to grow your business without knowing the need of the time. The fields of digital marketing and content marketing are also no exception. The marketing trends change so quickly that even the slightest mistake can make you yell for your business.
It is, therefore, essential for being informed of the latest marketing trends and information for your success in the relevant field or business.
Here is the list of the top marketing blogs that will not only help you grow traffic, engagements, and the audience of your blog but also bring your blog to the next level if you follow their content marketing strategies.
list of best digital marketing blogs

1. MOZ

moz digital marketing blog
Moz is the best marketing and SEO blog that is worth reading. It does not matter whether you are a beginner to aspired to get the basic knowledge of SEO or an advanced level learner to learn more deeply about digital marketing.
Their Whiteboard Friday series is probably the best video series ever that covers various SEO topics and gives you a proper insight into different SEO experiments.
Moz is also famous for its case studies articles that are well-researched and inform you about the consequences of different SEO tactics in advance.

 2. Buffer

buffer marketing blog
If you learn about different marketing strategies in detail, Buffer is one of the best marketing blogs that are worth reading. It covers each topic with clarity and detail that make the readers engaged with a specific topic.
The best thing about Buffer is its statistical analysis of each topic that makes the readers more confident before any action based on that marketing article.
Social media marketing is one of the well-explained topics of this blog that covers in-depth strategies about marketing using social media. 

3. Copy Blogger

Copyblogger is also a valuable blog for digital marketing if you are focusing on copywriting and blogging in one go.
 Copyblogger is not only a useful blog for the copywriting bloggers but also very handy for all the copywriter for content marketing.
It contains valuable content and actionable strategies that help you increase brand awareness for the promotion of your business.

4. Search Engine Land

search engine land marketing
Search engine land is another useful blog in the marketing industry. The best thing about this blog is its freshness as it contains very informative articles that mostly meet the need of the time.
It always renders useful strategies to face the difficulties and make improvements in the field of SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
Search Engine Land is, in fact, one of the best blogs that cover the marketing strategies for search engines.

5. Backlinko

Backlinko brian dean digital marketing
The Backlinko a comprehensive blog of the marketing and SEO industry. When talking about the best marketing experts, we find out Brian Dean as one of the household names in these fields.
Most fans of Backlinko like Dean's writing style because of its unique style of breaking down his strategies in the field of digital marketing that not only prove helpful but also become a source of motivation.
Backlinko not only covers advanced level SEO strategies but also provide beginners with full comprehensive guides for SEO free of cost.

6. Quick Sprout

quicksprout marketing blog
Quick Sprout is a very significant blog in the digital marketing and SEO field that is co-founded by a famous digital marketer Neil Patel.
 It provides you with weekly SEO tips and tricks that can boost your business insanely and help you get more leads in your field.
Quick Sprout is a suggested blog for beginners for simple SEO hacks. However, it publishes comprehensive SEO and marketing guides as well.

 7. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute marketing strategy
Content Marketing Institute is also a useful marketing blog that mainly aims at content marketing. It helps you to promote the content of your blog and get more engagement.
 Joe Pulizzi, the father of CMI, is a well-known author and entrepreneur in the field of content marketing. Therefore, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) contains detailed research and guidance for content marketing from email lists or whitepapers.

8. HubSpot

Hubspot marketing ideas
HubSpot is one of the best marketing icons that contain a variety of marketing content. It is also a great platform where you find hundreds of marketing guest blog posts by the esteemed marketers of the blogging industry.
These marketers share their marketing strategies as well that help you understand digital marketing research for your business.
HubSpot contains unique content that we seldom find on other marketing blogs and this thing makes it worth following for your digital marketing business. 
In this blog, you will find the full knowledge of every marketing strategy (such as amazon marketing strategy which covers its social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, product marketing, and much more.

9. Neil Patel [formerly known as KissMetrics]

Neil Patel blogging strategy
Neil Patel's blog is unusual due to clear and detailed articles and blog posts regarding marketing. This blog contains the content that is equally helpful for a beginner as well as for a professional marketer.
The simplicity and clarity of this blog make it an outstanding blog amongst other marketing blogs. It will help you grow your business with a digital marketing campaign. 
There is no doubt about the authority of Neil Patel in marketing services. Apart from this blog, Patel is also the founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Quick Sprout, and Ubersuggest. 

10. Social Media Today

social media today marketing blog
Today, a large number of people spend considerable time on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.
 So, it is the need of time to grab the attention of the audience on social media by going deep into the social media marketing strategy.
As the name of the blog shows, it is not the blog that contains the old social marketing tactics. It contains the news about the latest social media trends and ventures that helps you more than ever in the social media marketing world.


Undoubtedly, all of the above blogs offer valuable content that can prove very helpful for your marketing career. However, despite all this, it is never possible to pursue all of these blogs.
Instead of this, you should choose and select two or three suitable blogs that are suitable and prove useful for your industry.
If you are confused about the selection of blogs for your field, you can ask me in the comment in the comment box along with feedbacks.

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