7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in 2022

Increase your website traffic insanely

It is very important to produce a loyal and engaging audience to your blog if you want to promote your business as a blogger. Many of the amateur bloggers are worried about the organic traffic to their blog.

Undoubtedly, it is of great importance to drive traffic to your blog as it doesn't only help you get more leads but also keeps you motivated and connected with blogging. 

It is very easier to quit blogging with any of the lame excuses of daily life than acknowledging your blogging mistakes

 However, I bet you that it is not as difficult as you might think to rank your blog post higher on Google after following very easy and simple steps.

As I already told you that there no formula to get success in blogging overnight, it may take some time to these SEO strategies to work.

So, let's start:

Write Consistently

Inconsistent ranking of your blog can also be the result of your irregular blogging habit. If you are not consistent with blogging, it can prove very deadly for your business as well as blogging career.

Usually, search engines like and prefer up to date content and discourage the outdated content. Therefore, if you don't write posts consistently on your blog, you can have old and outdated content that can cause your blog ranking to drop suddenly and dramatically.

Mobile-Friendly Website

As at least 70 percent of people are exploring the internet using their mobile devices, it is better to make your website mobile-friendly to offer a better user experience.

 Therefore, Google has improved its algorithms and prefers mobile-friendly websites over those websites that are not optimized for mobile browsing.

drive traffic to website
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Write Engaging Titles

Writing appealing and engaging titles is an important point that is ignored by many of the beginners in blogging. Yes, it even more important than the content of the post itself.

The title for a blog post is the highlighted sentence that you see on the top of the search result for your relevant query. If you should write a convincing and attractive title for your blog post, it can force the user to click on the search result.

On the other hand, if you write useful content and don't write an appealing title, the user can leave your website by reading the title only.

So, the title for your blog is the most important thing to bring more conversions to your blog post.

You must consider other SEO standards also such as

  • Write the title of not more than 60 characters.
  • Keep the title simple and natural.
  • Do not fill the title with only keywords.
  • Use keywords where it makes sense.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the helpful off-page SEO techniques to boost the ranking of your website. If you write a guest post on a website having the niche relevant to your blog, you can easily convert the audience from that blog to yours.

Guest Posting not only helps you get more referral traffic to your blog but also makes your website rank fast if you get some backlinks from that guest post. 

So, using this technique to rank your website fast is highly recommended.

Incorporate the Keywords

Keywords are the heart of a blog post as keywords concentration tells the search engine about the sense of the blog post. Therefore, you must use keywords carefully as it can prove useful as well as harmful for your blog too.

Use the root keyword often (at least twice) in the blog post so that search engines can understand where to rank your blog.

Use the Headings

If you break the idea of the full blog post into small paragraphs, it will offer a better user experience as it is easier for the readers to digest the article in small patches. 

Headings are essential for driving organic traffic to your blog as it gives the signals to the search engine about the specific blog post if you use keywords effectively in the headings.

Enjoy the Blogging

enjoy blogging to stay consistent and get traffic
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If you mess up with a lot of research on keywords and ranking, you will get engaged in SEO and other optimization rather than writing the blog posts.

Instead of writing for the search engine, you should always care about the reader of your blog. 

 If you care about the search engine only, this can damage your blog as it will decrease the bounce rate for your blog post. Moreover, it also gives the search engine a signal that the blog is not worth reading.

You should always enjoy writing blog posts rather than going too deep into SEO for your blog post.

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