Hidden WhatsApp Features 2020, Last One might Shock You

WhatsApp tips and tricks

There are hundreds of messaging services around the world. However, WhatsApp is being widely used due to its vast ecosystem and countless features.

There are almost 2 million active users on WhatsApp but most of the people are currently limited to the basic features of WhatsApp. In this post, you will know about those secret features of WhatsApp, you probably don’t know.

Top Secret Features of WhatsApp

Hide Images and Videos from Gallery

Sometimes you get images and videos in your WhatsApp but you don’t want them to be shown in the gallery of your smartphone. You can easily use this feature to hide all the images and videos from the gallery of your smartphone.

You can easily hide images and videos from appearing in the gallery of your Android or iOS smartphone by going to chat option in the WhatsApp setting and then turning off media visibility.

Find How Much You Connected to a Specific Person

Sometimes, you don’t know about the person who you connected the most but WhatsApp gives the option to see you the most favorite person. Using this feature, you can easily find how much you stayed connected to a specific person.

 To find the person you connected the most in Android or iOS smartphone, go to the “Data and Storage Usage” option in WhatsApp, go to the “Storage Usage” and then finally select the required contact to see the detail.

Use WhatsApp Web

If you don’t want to get engaged with your smartphone to use WhatsApp, then yes, you can do it by using WhatsApp Web. You can use WhatsApp Web to send or reply to all the messages in your WhatsApp.

By following the following method, you can use WhatsApp on the Web or Desktop.
Go to https://web.whatsapp.com or open WhatsApp in your desktop app. You will find here QR code on your browser’s or desktop screen.

Now, open the WhatsApp application in your smartphone and tap on the three dots on the top left. You will get the option of WhatsApp Web on the menu. By clicking the WhatsApp web, it opens the camera of your smartphone and asks you to scan the QR code.

Now scan the QR code and you will log in to WhatsApp Web. Here, you can use WhatsApp from your browser easily.

Hide the Read Receipts or Blue Ticks

For many people, the blue ticks as the message might be causing the greatest trouble. However, you can easily get rid of these blue ticks so that receiver might not know whether you have read the message or not.

Method 1 (Works only in specific condition)

For iOS: If you want to hide the blue ticks, you can use Siri for this purpose. It can be a good way to read the message without showing the blue ticks. However, this method works only for text messages.

For Android: You can read the messages in the notification to hide these blue ticks. But you can’t read the long text messages and media messages in this way.

Method 2

For iOS: Go to setting, select the account setting, and then turn off the read receipts.
For Android: Go to setting, select account, and then untick the read receipts.

Write Bold, Italic or Strikethrough Words

Sometimes, you receive a message with bold, italic, or strikethrough words and you might wonder about it. But it is easier than you think.

If you want to write a bold, you can simply write a word between asterisk i.e. *bold*, you can write an italic word by writing it between underscore signs i.e. _italic word_ and similarly a strike-through word by writing it between tildes i.e. ~strikethrough word~.

Hide a WhatsApp Chat

If you don’t want your WhatsApp message to appear in WhatsApp, you can easily hide a WhatsApp chat so that anyone may not know about it.

To hide a WhatsApp chat, simply long tap on the required chat. Then click on the down arrow button to add that message into the archive. It will hide the required message appear in the WhatsApp application.

You can access this message back by scrolling down till the bottom of the chat list.

Make the Shortcut of a Chat

You can create a shortcut so that you may access that without opening WhatsApp. If you want to create a shortcut of a chat on the home screen of the WhatsApp, you can do it by following these easy steps.

To create a shortcut to a specific chat, long tap on the required chat. Now, click on the menu button (three dots). Then click on the add the shortcut to create the shortcut of that chat to the home screen.

Pin a Specific Chat

If you forget to reply to a chat message, you can pin that chat so that next time upon opening WhatsApp, the specific chat may always appear on the top of all the chats.

To pin a chat on the top of all the chats, long tap on the required chat. Then select the pin button on the top to pin that chat.

Quote a Message

If you want to reply to a specific message, you simply quote it so that receiver may know about that message.

To quote a message when replying to a message long tap on that message and then tap the leftward arrow to quote that message. You can quote a message more easily by swiping the message to the right.

Share Live Location

If you want to share your live location with your friend you can do it using this feature. This feature is very handy when it comes to finding your friend to meet him. However, you must consider your privacy when using this feature.

To share your live location long tap on attachment icon when writing a message. Now tap on the location button and then share your real-time location.

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