Top Hacks to Find Blog Post Ideas You must Know

blog content  ideas

Most of the beginners in blogging are afraid of writing blog content as they cannot find the ideas to write content.
However, many novice bloggers make a lot of mistakes while finding a content idea. Many bloggers write what they want and don’t care about the readers' demand.
Sometimes, there might be harmony in your and your reader’s thought but eventually, your ideas fail and your organic traffic may also decrease dramatically.
If you are also looking for strategies on how to find suitable ideas for your niche to write a blog post, I am going to show you my simple and actionable top strategies to find thousands of blog post ideas in just half an hour.
As this blog post includes step by step method to find a blog post idea so you should not leave a single one to find a quality content idea.

Check Your Blog Analytics

Blog analysis
Before finding a suitable idea for a blog post, check the analytics of the blog. This will help you understand which type of content is already ranking on your blog. Check the bounce rate and engagement of your previous blog post as well.
This will give you a rough knowledge that what kind of post you should write on your blog. Writing the same type of post will not only help you rank that blog post high on Google SERPs but also drive referral traffic if you add good internal linking.

Use Google Trends

Top Trending Searches

Completely free Google Trends tool can also help you write an effective blog post not only for the time being but also for the future. 
Search the queries related to the topic will give a lot of content ideas related to that post. Now, apply the filter of "Top" and "Rising" as this will give you a brief graphical overview and future expected trends. Now, you can easily find a suitable topic for your niche.

Twitter Hashtags

Many bloggers don’t know Twitter as a secret weapon for finding blog content ideas. But, believe me, it is not just a social media platform to tweet your blog posts.
By exploring the hashtags on Twitter, you can find what are real-time trending topics in the world. This will help you prevent writing outdated content on your blog.
As you find live trends on Twitter, you will write fresh content that can instantly rank on top pages of search engines.

Ask Your Blog Readers for Suggestions

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every trending topic will rank on your blog. Google has improved itself and Google’s Algorithm does not work in one way but many other factors also matter.
Google assigns a special audience for your blog based on your previous blog posts insights. Therefore, if a trending topic does not match the taste of that group of the audience assigned to your blog, the blog post is never going to rank high on Google SERPs. 
So, you should always ask your readers to write suggestions in the comment box so that it may help you write the future content that fits the best with the interest of your audience.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Extensive Keywords research
Imagine, if you write an article on a topic and no one finds it, what would you feel? Of course, you will not feel pleasant as you want readers to find and visit your blog post. Therefore, you must use keyword research before writing content for the blog.
You can use different keyword research tools like AhrefsUbersuggest, and SEMrush, etc. to analyze a detailed overview of the keywords such as CPC, CTR, keyword difficulty, and search volume to include suitable keywords in title, meta tags and body of the article.

Wrapping Up

This is not a hard nut to crack to find the content idea for your blog if you follow the aforementioned simple steps. Surely, there are many other ways to get blog post ideas for your blog such as SERPs analysis tools, Quora, and Reddit, etc.
However, you must always do some keyword research before writing a blog post and write blog posts using keywords that can rank your website high.
You should write for the audience of your blog instead of just writing for yourself. This means that you should understand the psyche of the audience of your blog instead of just hitting the keyboard buttons to write an article that only matches your interests.
You must remember that if you write random articles on your blog without considering other factors, this can prove deadly for your blog. So, you must always write fresh, related, and ranking articles on your blog.
If this article helps you, don’t forget to leave a comment and give me further suggestions for future articles.

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