Fed Up with Zoom: Do Try These Alternatives to Zoom

best alternatives to zoom
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Undoubtedly, the Zoom meeting app is one of the leading video calling apps that allows you to connect across the world to manage your businesses and work from home.
 But there are many reasons that are worth noticing to think about the alternatives to the Zoom. Firstly, let's read about these reasons.
During this age of the quarantine, the number of the Zoom users and the usage and of the Zoom Conference Call has surged to an unexpected level (at least 300 million users) as everybody is staying at home and has no other means to connect other than video calling.
People from different sectors of life including health and remote education are using the Zoom video call to manage their businesses and do their jobs.

Why should you consider alternatives to the Zoom? 

At the meanwhile, different cybersecurity experts are putting many legal Zoom reviews on the internet and backlashing the zoom cloud meeting due to its weak privacy and security protection. 
In the recent crisis, the number of Zoom users has surged unexpectedly from 10 million to 300 million. 
The hackers have targetted the Zoom multiple times in different ways such as zoom bombing.
Therefore, users have concerns about their privacy and security on the Zoom app.
Some of the major concerns about the Zoom are:
  • In the past, the Zoom Meeting app had been sending personal information to Facebook without the consent of the users. 
  • Similarly, the Zoom meeting app for MAC could use the camera of MAC without seeking permission.
  • Zoom bombing has also been a major problem where some strangers (of course, hackers) could easily access the Meeting without any prior authentication.
Because of all these security issues, many big companies including Google and Amazon couldn't help banning Zoom for their employees.
It is recommended to consider your privacy and security breach by following some security steps that are recommended by the company.
However, you can consider changing the platform for video conference calls by these best alternatives to the Zoom video calls as it's never a good experience when you face a privacy breach such as the Zoom meeting is joined by a stranger without host's consent i.e. zoombombing.
(Many of these platforms might be less secure than zoom as recent Zoom update has made it comparatively more secure by introducing new features such as Zoom room.
As these platforms are less popular than the Zoom meeting, you can use these platforms for lower chances of cyberattacks.)

Google Duo

Google-owned conference calling app Google Duo is one of the best alternatives for Zoom at a lower level.
 One of the best things about Google Duo is its end to end encryption.
 This end-to-end encryption makes Google due one of the secure platform among other video calling apps.
Google duo is a more stable video calling app than other google products such as Google hangout.
It allows up to 12 people to connect simultaneously in a seamless way even at a slow connection.
Google Duo Pricing: It is completely free for everyone.
Google Duo Supported Platforms: It is available for all popular platforms including Web, Android, and iOS.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex is another amazing video conference app that allows real-time meetings with other people.
 I said it an amazing app because it is caring about its community during the recent crisis by extending its free packages and making special updates.
These extensions in the free package include increasing the limit to 100 participants and no time limit ( previously limit was up to 50 participants to connect for 40 minutes).
Cisco Webex Pricing: Free Package: $0, Starter Package: $12.85, Plus Package: $17.3, Business Package: $25.65
Cusco Webex Supported Platforms: Android, Desktop, and iOS.


skype video call
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Almost everybody knows about Microsoft-owned video calling platform Skype as it is the oldest and the most famous one of all the time.
Skype has extended the video conference call up to 50 participants. One of the plus points about the Skype Conference call is its affordable price.
 Moreover, Skype is also integrated with Facebook which makes it more user friendly.
Skype Pricing: Free, variable cheap plans for different countries and Unlimited World Plan for just $13.
Skype Supported Platforms: Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Desktop.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger video calling

In addition to text and voice chat, Facebook Messenger is also another amazing video calling app.
Facebook Messenger is a fully encrypted and secure platform for video calling. 
It also supports third-party chatbot that helps you solve your problem and seek support.
However, you can still have privacy problems as it is owned by Facebook where exists the community of your social friends.
 Therefore, it is recommended to use a dedicated Facebook Account to connect through messenger.
Facebook Messenger Rooms allow 50 participants to connect in a video conference call simultaneously.
Facebook Messenger Pricing: Facebook Messenger is a completely free video calling app.
Facebook Supported Platforms: Facebook Messenger is supported on all imaginable platforms including Web, Desktop, iOS, Android, and Windows mobile.


GoToMeeting vs Zoom
GoToMeeting is another interesting video calling platform that is specially designed for business purposes.
 However, you can use it for personal video calling.
You can use this app not only for conference calls but also you can use it for other online meetings and screen sharing in real-time.
In its free plan, it allows up to 3 participants to connect only for 40 minutes.
 However, you can get rid of these limitations by upgrading to the other paid plans that are not very costly and expensive.
GoToMeeting Pricing: Free: $0, Professional Plan: $11.75. Business Plan: $14.33, Enterprize Plan: Contact Sales

Wrapping Up

The Zoom Meeting App indeed faced many problems and security issues during the time of the quarantine and recent lock-down.
 But this doesn't mean that the Zoom app is not secure at all. In the recent update, the company has made many improvements to these security issues.
It is very secure after these updates if you follow a few security steps. You can also consider the above alternatives if you are not satisfied with the Zoom meeting app. 
But if you don't care about your privacy and security, none of the alternatives to the Zoom is going to be effective for security and privacy protection.

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