5G Vs. 4G Explained. What is Difference?

5G vs 4G a complete overview
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Fourth Generation (4G) technology revolutionized this era of technology. 4G had the speed equal to 500 times the speed of 3G. Therefore, after the arrival of 4G, the whole world was changed as the usage of the internet increased immensely. It promised the theoretical maximum speed of 300 Mbps which was the only dreamable speed of the internet at that time.
4G made cellular technology much more resembling computer technology and ultimately upgraded it to the advanced level.
Now, it is the time of 5G to put the whole world into the new and advanced level of technology. Its results are above the expectations and anticipations even when the 5G technology is not fully developed. 

Will 5G fix the bandwidth issues?

5G will enable the whole world to enjoy a massive bandwidth and transfer of data. This revolution, in reality, is going to fulfill the promise of uninterruptable live streaming of 4K videos and video calls.
As there are a lot of devices connected with the internet, bandwidth becomes the major trouble in the way of smooth browsing on the internet.
Bandwidth shortage has been one of the major problems with the technology world as 4G still cannot meet the need of the bandwidth for this busy world.
5G is going to fix the bandwidth issues in various sectors such as auto-driving car and remote control issues.

What will be the actual speed of 5G?

Nothing can’t be said about the exact speed of 5G but it’s going to be very much when we compare 5G with LTE. Lab Speed of 5G has even reached 5 Gbps but in the recent 5G tests it reached up to 1.1 Gbps even during its early stage.

5G frequency
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What is the frequency of the 5G network?

What makes 5G faster is the frequency of 5G. It is the major reason why the 5G network can transfer the data faster than any other network including LTE.
 It has a high-band spectrum also called millimeter wavelength (mmWave) and it enables the frequency of about 28 GHz. Therefore, 5G is faster than 4G which is using a frequency of 700 MHz-2500 MHz. 

Is 5G dangerous?

Undoubtedly, 5G is very useful for positive purposes. But in the meanwhile, it can be very risky because the hackers might target and compromise your security and privacy in real-time.
For this reason,t enhancement of the security and protection for these upcoming threats from cyberspace is also the need of time along with other improvements in the technology sector.

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It is expected that 5G will be very helpful for the current issues and it can alter the whole technological atmosphere. This change will positively affect other sectors also such as remote education and training etc.
5G will likely be able to fix the bandwidth issues which also a major problem of the global village.
However, at the same time, if we don't care much about our security and privacy, it will also be another threat to our privacy and security.
So, we must keep both the positive and negative impacts of 5G in mind that are worth noticing.

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