Maze Ransomware Targets Cognizant

Maze ransomware targets cognizant

Nowadays ransomware has been the worst attack that has been the nasty way for miscreants to discomfit the people by encrypting their precious files or folders and then demanding a ransom to decrypt the files.

This is the simple method that mostly ransomware use but sometimes ransomware can also steal your data and demand ransomware otherwise you can be threatened to make your precious data public which might badly hurt you privacy

Although, it has not been so much time since the launching of a maze ransomware attack. But Maze Ransomware has targeted many companies all around the world. Maze Ransomware has recently targeted tech giant Cognizant Technology Solution Company and proved that it how much harm it can cause.

On Friday, Cognizant finally told about the reason for the recent service disruption in Cognizant News. This was due to this ransomware attack allegedly by Maze.

Cognizant has further told that it has communicated with customers and provided them with indicators of Compromise (IOC) and other technical support. 

Our internal security teams, supplemented by leading cyber defense firms, are actively taking steps to contain this incident. Cognizant has also engaged with the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

It further told on its website

Cognizant is providing its customers with the patches for prior threats as they have been compromised.

Indicator of Compromise (IOC) provided by the Cognizant consists of different files which include kepstl32.dll, maze.dll and 
memes.tmp according to Bleeping Computers.

maze ransomware

Type of Threat

It has only been less than a year when the Maze started threatening different businesses amid the already intense situation.

This is a very clever and tricky ransomware that is threatening thousands of businesses by its unique mechanism to attack.

According to Malwarebytes analysis, it is tricky ransomware which makes a complex analysis by disabling dissemblers and pseudo plugins.

Why Is It a Different Kind of Attack

This ransomware is probably the most dangerous ransomware after WannaCry Ransomware as it not only encrypts the data but also it steal the data before encryption. It gives the ransomware company extra leverage to get a ransom for the attack.

It threatens also by stealing the data so that in case of not paying the ransom they can sell this data or expose confidential documents.

Interpol has Already Warned About It

Earlier this month Interpol already warned about these kinds of attacks. Interpol also suggested the health sector for being careful in this time of crisis.

On the other hand, Maze has denied this attack stating that they are behind this attack. But most of the companies are alleging Maze for this attack as it has recently launched its website to sell data.

This does matter whether Maze is behind this attack or not but can seriously hurt all the sectors. So, it is the need of the time to be secure by taking the safety measure to prevent ransomware your business from these nasty and annoying attacks.

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