Might We Face Technological Unemployment?

Robots are removing jobs

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Is Technology Stealing our Jobs

It is thought it is not possible for technology to replace all the jobs as using technology machines learn only what they are fed and by using the present kind of AI, machines can only perform the repetitive and routine tasks. But the alarming situation is that most of the workers are doing repetitive and routine jobs.

Amazon Go

So, these jobs can easily be replaced by the robots who do the more efficiently with ridiculous accuracy. The evidence to which of the jobs are going to be replaced is around us. Amazon is launched Amazon Go which is clearly a cashier-free market where different people choose the items from the shelve, buy these ones, and leave the market.

Robotic Industry

Amazon warehouses are going to replace the workers with the robots where robots bring different items to customers they select the required one and leave the warehouses. This shows that the journey to replace the employees with machines has begun and it is going to impact employment on a large scale.

Self-driving Vehicles

If we see the example of the self-driving vehicles which are going to eliminate of livelihood of many drivers. Although the self-driving trucks are not fully autonomous, it has been predicted that the self-driving truck industry can eliminate more than 1.6 million jobs in the next decades.
Still, the jobs of taxi and other vehicle drivers have not been considered yet. In these cases, this will be a really large impact on the jobs.

AI going to replace jobs

Technology may Just Displace the Jobs

If we go into a deep study of AI we find that it is almost impossible for AI to overcome in every field. Technology is eliminating routine jobs in one way but it will create a lot of jobs which we don't know yet. For example, the following few jobs which are known might be high in demand in the next few years.

In the Business Industry

The machines are less likely to learn the emotions and feelings of the human being. Human being has emotions of a different kind and therefore it gets motivated by a simple conversation or it may get angry with a single word. The machines can never be able to replace the jobs which are related to the emotions. Many companies have spokespersons who motivate buying or selling something but machines can't don these jobs.

It is estimated that the jobs related to the emotions and sensations will rise up to 33 percent by the advancement in AI.

In Hospitals

Now think about a hospital where AI is helping Doctors to diagnose the diseases but many in many psychological diseases the patient needs a proper mentoring which can only be done through a human being and reboots or other machines can never replace these jobs. Nurses take care not only of the patients but their emotions as well so the jobs of nurses are never going to be replaced by the machines.

In Educational Institutes

What if we think about an educational institute! With the advancement in artificial intelligence
technology, there will be more stuff for the students so in the education sector are going to rise. Moreover, students are taught in accordance with their psyche which can be understood by machines so the jobs for teachers and professors can never be replaced by robots and machines.
Solving Lengthy Problems
As already discussed that machines and robots using artificial intelligence can do the tasks for which they are programmed. So, in daily life, we have to face many problems which are totally new in the field which cannot be solved using those robots which are not programmed to do so. However, it is being claimed that general intelligence is in progress where robots can itself learn how to deal with the situation but it is observed that robots can't learn like as our brain does.
So, for solving these lengthy problems robots cannot replace human beings. So in these sectors jobs will never be replaced by machines.


Here, we discussed the jobs which are just the tip of the iceberg but there might be a lot of fields that will be affected by the advancement in AI.

It is seemingly incorrect to say that technology is stealing jobs but it can replace jobs with entirely new kinds of jobs. Most of these jobs are still not known by us but in the future, we will observe these jobs which might be more in numbers than the jobs of today. But these jobs might be more technical and these jobs will not be surely like routine and repetitive jobs.

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