The Dark Web and the Deep Web Everything You should Know

The Dark Web and the Deep Web are blessings or a hell?

The Dark and Deep Web:

Most people will have heard about the internet but they are really curious about the Dark Web. In this article, I’ll try to explain Dark Web. Basically, the Internet is divided into three portions. One of the portions which are the tip of the iceberg is visible to our eyes and the major portion of the internet still not discovered by us. The other portion of the internet is called deep web, and dark web.

What is the Deep Web?

The deep web is that portion of the internet that is not intentionally indexed in the list of search engines. It is only accessible to the user after the confirmation of certain credentials like password, IP, etc. To make it easier to understand, consider your email inbox, your DropBox storage, and other online storage. Your information is not encrypted from end to end as it is visible to the hosting website and other hosts where your actual data is. Therefore, information can be traced out by hackers.

What is the Dark Web?

This dark web was the first time designed for US intelligence agencies who could connect with the spies across the world privately by concealing the identity of the person. But later on, this was launched worldwide to connect to anywhere privately.

Dark Web is the portion of the Internet that is strongly encrypted. This Portion of the Internet is not accessible through common web browsers. Even with and ordinary VPN and Proxy you cannot access these websites which are found in the dark web. Its webpages are designed with coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS so its pages are not different from ordinary webpages.
But these all information is encrypted with such strong encryption that even the hosting site cannot understand the information. This information is decrypted through special browsers like TOR and I2p.

How is Dark Web different from Deep Web?

Dark Web is different from Deep Web because in the case of the deep web, the website and information are indexed in Search Engine intentionally. But in the case of the dark web, the information is encrypted by creating mask IP.

How is Dark Web accessed?

The users of the dark web access it through special browsers such as ToR and I2p. These browsers have built-in layer VPN networks that continuously change. So, the identity of the users is hidden and remain secret.

 The website URLs of the dark web are not like the URLs of ordinary websites. It does not contain the extension of .com, .net, etc. Usually, these URLs contain the long extension like .onion, .i2p which gives the information to TOR and I2P browsers about the websites and they start decrypting the data from hosting sites and gives output to the users.

Pros and Cons of Dark Web

As it has already been told that the Dark Web originally designed for US Intelligence to connect through the spies worldwide. But later, it was launched for the public for positive purposes like freedom of the express of those people the strict country rule press the voice of a common man. It proved very helpful for the people of  Palestine, Rohingya, Barma, etc. who could tell the world the about the cruelties to the world by hiding their identity.

Dark Web was launched for public for positive purposes but the criminal started to misuse it by doing the drugs business etc. Many drug deals use the dark web to sell their drugs. They also use it for child abuse content.

Many of the persons might have heard about red rooms. Red rooms are the places where the criminal commit a murder live and in return they get money. All the money transaction is made through cryptocurrency like bitcoin, one coin, etc. In this way, they make the dealing and the government agency can’t know about it. Child trafficking, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Rapes videos are available on those websites which sell them for money. So the role of the dark web is questionable because it is being misused on a large scale and it is being widely used for criminal activities.


The Dark web was basically designed for positive purposes but as it has been observed that it is being misused on a large scale. The tendency of the people towards the dark web is continuously increasing. The dark web must be used for positive purposes. To the internet safer there must be a check and balance.

Widespread misuse of dark web suggest that the dark web must be used for positive purposes and there must be a check and balance for this purpose.

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