Technology Blesses Us with Freedom Which is Priceless

Technology Blessed Us with Freedom but How?

Technology blessing or curse

Walk into any shop and there you’ll see them – the freelancers, bent over their laptops at tables, talking secretly into their earphones, fingers beating their keyboards. They might be employees working remotely or workers getting a new deal. The world is their office and their phones are worldwide remotes for professional services. Welcome to – the 24/7, 365-workday, where many of today’s employees’ default to their mobile devices for most important business activities.

  Given these changes, it’s no wonder that the statistics tell even more growth in this area. In fact, the number of mobile workers in the U.S. will rise from about 96.2 million to about 105.4 million over the next five years. By 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly 72.3 percent of the US workforce, according to new research. By 2025, most of (more than 70 percent) the workforce will be millennials, who grew up with cell phones and can’t live without them. Among the factors of these tech trends, the leading is that millennials are more at home in the digital world of mobile devices and cloud-based everything.

  To keep these workers involved, businesses of all sizes are capitalizing in the new technology to help them be more creative, generate incomes and keep costs very low - both now and into the predictable future. Spoke Phone represents the next generation of millennial-friendly phone systems, taking mobile technology to the next level. Small businesses can download the Spoke Phone app to alter employee mobile phones into a dominant business phone system in three minutes or even less.

More than just like a computer-generated phone system, Spoke makes it easier for millennials to make and answer more calls. Small businesses are organizing Spoke Phone to solve problems faster, improve company culture and increase the business at their own rate. The benefits of the Spoke Phone app comprise:* Simplicity. Small businesses don’t need and don’t want to pay for too many needless features.

  These only perplex employees and hurt output. Spoke Phone supports just the advanced features that small businesses want, and none that they don’t. Spoke Phone inspires more connections between employees and customers, building a strong foundation for business development. It also covers the employee’s personal number on outbound calls to keep employees safe.

  Lower Fixed Costs. There’s no hardware to buy, no servers, no wiring and no IT required to continue it. Companies spend a lesser amount and employees love their freedom.

 Flexibility. Spoke Phone runs on top of any network. Employees can use a smartphone on any phone network or with any carrier – either their own phone or one you provide for them. Professional. It’s easy to transfer calls to anyone on your squad. You can transfer a call from your mobile phone and get customers talking to the right people in record time. The old-style work model is long gone; the world and the workforce have already gone mobile. The world’s best mobile tech saves money, keeps millennials engaged and turns up the dial on productivity. Welcome to the future of work.

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