Why Blogger Fails? Top Simple Reasons 2022

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 In this blog, I am going to mention those top reasons for failing in blogging. Blogging is not as simple as it seems to be... To make your blog more valuable and bring enough traffic blogging you must follow many factors. Many times you can't rank your blogging despite writing good content. I have found the top 5 mistakes that are made by the beginner.

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The following are the common mistakes that can make or break your blogging career.

Not Choosing an Appealing Title

Research has shown that appealing and confusing title of your blog post makes your blog to catch more traffic. You should choose a curious blogging title so that people might not help reading your blog.

Moreover, blogging titles appear on the top of your blog post in search engine results. So this is the most highlighted part of your blog. It has been observed that the blogs even index at the end of the search engine page with a catchy title got more traffics than the top-ranked pages.

 Rarely Posting or Being Inconsistent

You might be busy in your daily life, you may have some other family or social problem. But no excuse for the blogging is going to be acceptable. If you remain inconsistent in blogging, you will never get any fruit from this inconsistent practice.

If you write a post in a month means that you are not bloging at all. Should be consistent and make a schedule of your posts.

Not Creating an Identity

If you are blogging randomly on any of the topics then this is not going to be fruitful for you. You must create an identity for the blog. If you are blogging on health, technology and traveling simultaneously, you are not going to be ranked on search engines, as search engines confuse while ranking your website in any of the category.

So, you must stick to the same topic and you should create an identity and unique personality of the blog. Otherwise, you will end up with nothing.

Blogging for beginners

Just Doing Money Blogging

How to make money blogging?

What are the best blogging platforms?


 What are the best blogging websites?


What are the best blogging sites?

What is a fail blog?

If you're just blogging to earn a handsome amount only, you are not going to be successful in blogging. Blogging needs devotion and passion.

This doesn't mean you can't make money by blogging. But when you start blogging just for money and you have no passion, you will not stick to blogging for a long time. Moreover, you will not be able to create quality content.

So, take your blogging as a passion rather than a money-making factory. In this way, you would be more loyal and devoted to your blog. You will stick to your blog and, off course, this would be also profitable for you if take it as a passion.

Not Connecting to Social Media Platforms

Millions of users use social media. Many people use only social media rather than browsing the blogging platforms on a browser. So, when you ignore such a huge number of people, you are making a big mistake by zero presence on social media.

 Social Media can boost your website traffic. It usually gives you a permanent and loyal audience.

Ignoring SEO

 It is good to have quality content on your blog. Even after this, your blog posts may lose its value if you ignore SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means understanding the language of search engines. If you don't consider SEO of your blog, your blog gets very less traffic as your blog does communicate with the algorithm of the search engine.

 You might not be a professional SEO, but you must understand some basic SEO, such as choosing keywords that are high in volume but low in competition and choosing long-tail keywords. Your blog can get immense traffic if you consider the role of SEO about your blog.


There is no way to get success in everything overnight. The same rule applies while blogging. To be a successful blogger, you must consider all the prospects.

 If we understand these, blogging is going to be as easy as you think. But if you don't consider the crucial rules, blogging might be as difficult as you think.

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