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Strong Restrictions from the Apple for the Apps about the Coronavirus

Apple applies strong restriction to the apps about the Coronavirus

After Google, Apple also imposes strong restrictions on the apps which are about Coronavirus (COVID-19). Apple is strictly checking the credibility of the apps which are related to the Coronavirus. The Apple Company told all this in its developers' blog.

The Company declared that only the apps from credible sources such as research institutes, government organizations or reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will be allowed on Apple Store.

Moreover, the company also told that it is going to remove all those games which have themes related to Coronavirus. The people are being misguided by the information which is not authentic at all.

At the time of this crisis, many other Telecommunication Companies have removed such kind stuff which is misguiding the people. Facebook and Amazon removed all the ads which were related to medical masks due to this crisis which is now seemingly on rampant.

Apple Company also told the developers to be very careful about this sensitive time and don't spread rumors about this COVID-19 by anyway. This is the responsibility of every person to mitigate the crisis instead of making the situation more complex.

The Company also told that the membership fee for those government and non-profit organizations will be waived which are developing apps about COVID-19.

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