“Ransomware” Everything You Should Know

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What is Ransomware?

What about precious files that are more valuable for your business? What is your reaction after losing all your computer data? This is really not a pleasant experience for you at all. This might a cause of anxiety for you. I have personally been the victim of a Ransomware. when a Stop DJVU ransomware completely encrypted my files.

Many of you will have heard the term “Ransomware” and many of you may have been the victim of these some kinds of ransomware. But many people might not know very much about Ransomware. They might not know how dangerous it might be for you.

 Ransomware is a software installed in your computer that quickly encrypts your files and makes them inaccessible for you. This might be really annoying for you and can cause a lot of damage by even stealing your personal information.

As it is obvious from its name it demands a ransom for the decryption of the files by usually providing you their own email address or other secret contact information.

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Origin of Ransomware:

First time Ransomware was distributed by a biologist who Joseph Popp (also called the father of ransomware) a researcher of AIDs. He distributed his Ransomware through floppy disk in 1989 to other researchers. This Ransomware was named PC Cyborg also known as AIDS Trojan.
This ransomware would attack the C directory files by encrypting files. It would demand to pay $189 to PC CyBorg Corporation in Panama from users to get their files. This was a simple kind of ransomware that used very simple cryptography and very soon the tools were to available for decryption.

How does Ransomware Come in Your PC?

Surely, this question will arise in everybody’s mind how it really comes from and how it creeps into your PC. Usually, you are misguided to install software by sending you emails or any other means. Sometimes it comes with Cracks or Pirated Software as a parasite. As cracks of software or pirated software are totally illegal ones and it crosses through many security checks. So, when you might be browsing an illegal website giving away cracks you may get this malicious software instead of those cracks.

As you know torrenting is totally illegal and here exists no security check. So, you might also get this kind of software while torrenting.

If you want to save yourself from these kinds of ransomware, I have mentioned many steps in a blog and you must read my blog How to Prevent Ransomware 2020 to save yourself from these nasty traps

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