AI Helps Microsoft to Reduce Noise in Background

 As all of us know about software like audacity which are used to filter the noise so that we may listen to calming music or sounds. These technologies very wisely filter out all the background noise when we record audio. But, as far as, when calling someone we have to care about the background noise which is not filtered so effectively as far no effective technology was available to reduce noise in real-time.

Microsoft using ai removes background noise

 In the time of isolation and quarantine, we are, probably, spending more time on video calls to avoid social interaction because of the novel pandemic. But we have to follow many netiquettes such as filtering out the background annoying sounds e.g. chewing and eating sounds are not filtered by our microphones.

 After all, Microsoft Developers have found a solution to these problems by introducing new real-time noise suppression technology.

How Does Noise Reduction AI Technology Work?

 Microsoft developers have discovered the new algorithm of AI to removed background noise in video calls. This algorithm, firstly, identifies your voice and then it filters out all background voices like the barking of the dog and even beating of drum voices. This technology is going to be very very useful in the future and it will enable any person to listen to the video without taking care of the background noise.

Sometimes, when we have a video call we face a problem with the random voices such as the voice of blowing air interrupts our connection. This technology is going to be the solution to all these problems. This AI technology will be launched later this year.

audacity removes background noise

Live demonstration of this noise reduction was made by Robert Aachen where he made a video calling when eating potato chips causing the loud noise. This new technology successfully filtered out all the noise Till the availability of this technology people can use other alternatives like Krisp Pro Software which is providing free tier because of the recent pandemic. 

Last year, Microsoft also introduced AI-equipped technology to blur background scenes in a video call. Microsoft company usually doesn't disclose its future program but it is expected that there will be more improvement updates in other Microsoft products like Office 365. 

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