Is your privacy at risk by the facial recognition and face ID technology?

Is your privacy at risk by the Facial Recognition and face ID Technology?

 To keep our privacy secure we are using the face recognition technology. We think that our Smart Phone, Laptop, or any other gadget is more secure with this technology and no one can access our private information without our permission. This is really awesome and we really keeping us more secure by using all these modern technologies.

 When we come to our social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc. we find that that how these social media platforms are using this technology on more advance level and ask us tag the person instantly with a ridiculously accurate manner. These technology are really thrilling.

Face Recognition technology can be more handy to trace criminal for the law enforcement agencies. Police of different modern countries is using this technology to trace the criminals. In this way, this technology is going to be handy for these law and enforcement agencies.

 How is our privacy really at risk?

We are continuously thinking these technologies are making our identity more private and secure. If we do analyses by another angle we come to find that our privacy is no more secure as it was before these technologies. Different intelligence agencies are using this technology for spying and stealing of different information.

Social media websites are continuously claiming that the privacy of the social media users is their foremost priority but different cases has been noted where the sensitive information has been stolen from their account. We can observe that our search history on search engines and social media is being traced all the time we see customized ads.

A search engine is being designed which might end privacy!

Image by teguhjati pras from Pixabay 

According to “The New York Times” a search engine is being designed which might end privacy and it will be completely based on face recognition technology. Launching of this search is being criticized by internet users. However, the launching of this search engine is expected to be postponed after the reservations from the people. This search engine by one way will be very useful for police personnel to find different criminals. But on the other hand this may damage the privacy of people, and it might also be misused by different criminals who will be able to target a person.

How to be more secure?

In this modern world we cannot disconnect ourselves from this advance technology. Therefore, to make our privacy secure we can follow some steps.
  • Turn off facial recognition in Facebook, Instagram etc. so that no might tag you and find your identity.
  • We should avoid Face ID lock as hackers on can get information about us by accessing the gadgets.
  • We should install a strong spyware in our PC or Mobile Device.
  • Upgrading your device can also be more helpful as your old devices are more vulnerable to the hacker's attack.
  • While accessing internet never share your sensitive information, pictures etc. to a website which is not trusted. For this purpose you can install extension and ad-ons.
  • Use a trusted browser.
  • Use a secure VPN connection while making a payment or sharing a sensitive information. But be careful use a trusted VPN otherwise don't use them.

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