How to Prevent Ransomware in 2022 | Complete Guide

How to prevent ransomware

Ransomware's attack is really very dangerous as your files, privacy, and other securities are at risk. So, you must be very careful about these threats. Here are some tips to prevent ransomware.
(Note: If you don’t very much about ransomware and want to know how it comes and attack your PC, you can read about it by clicking here.)

Download Software from Trusted Website

You should download software from trusted websites so that you may not get ransomware instead of software. Usually, the websites which give away the ransomware, misguide you while downloading software from a website. You are cheated here by providing the link of the ransomware instead of the link of the software.
For this purpose, you can install different extensions in the browser like extensions from reputable internet security companies like Norton, Avira, and Avast, etc.

Never Download Cracks

None of the trusted sites keeps cracks of the software. Instead of this, they provide you the software trial versions. These websites keep the software which is totally legit. Many times a person becomes a victim of the ransomware while download cracks or pirated software.

I personally found one of my friends a victim of ransomware when he tried to download KMS Pico activators for the activation of Microsoft Products.
If we see from another angle, companies spend a lot of time and pay a lot of money on software engineers to develop software and therefore, they deserve some reward. So you should always purchase the license instead of downloading pirated software. I think you will have heard the proverb “Do Good Have Good”.

Keep your Personal Information Secret

It is very important to keep your personal information such as email, phone number, etc. secret as many of the cybercriminals might send you this software through email or sometimes they might also send you the links that might trick you to install that malicious software.
You should also be very careful about the emails or text messages and you should never open any links which are sent from an unknown email address or phone number.

How to stop ransomware attacks

Using a Strong Antivirus

Using a trusted and strong antivirus having a strong firewall can be very helpful for you as it keeps your data safe blocking these threats from malicious software. You should make sure that your security software is up to date. You must install antivirus of any recognized company such as Avira, AVG, etc. and make sure that whether it is genuine or fake software.

Never Pay the Ransom

You should never pay the ransom as this encourages them to put threats to more computers. So, instead of paying the amount of money you should discourage them by refusing to pay money for the retrieval of your files.
Moreover, attackers don’t care about your files and there is no guarantee that you will get your files back.

Keep Your Operating System Up To Date

If you are using an operating system in your PC or mobile device, it might be a big mistake as the old operating system are more vulnerable to these threats by the hackers so you should keep the operating systems of your devices up to date so that you may less likely be the victim of these attacks.

Use a Strong VPN:

You should download a strong VPN while using public Wi-Fi as it might be very dangerous to use public Wi-Fi without using a strong VPN. All of your data in browsing history can be tracked easily. Moreover, many attackers can also render malicious software using a fake IP and trick you to download these kinds of malicious software.

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