Do's and Don'ts to Get Quality Backlinks for SEO in 2022

dos and donts to get quality backlinks
 After a lot of updates, search engines have changed primitive search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Now, only keywords are not enough for SEO. In addition to depending on keywords, the search engine also analyses the backlinks for the SEO score of a website to rank a website high.
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 So, if you are starting a website, you must also care about the backlinks of your websites so that it may find a higher place in search engine pages.
When building, creating, or earning a backlink you must consider the importance of quality backlinks. So, you should consider these things while looking for a quality backlink.


 When earning or creating backlinks, you must also consider the relevance of the backlinks. For example, if we have backlinks of our technology-related website on plumbing and a mobile brand website, it would surely be more likely to be clicked on the mobile brand website as it has relevance with the website. This will ultimately increase the referral traffic of your website as well.
 It would also send a good signal to google search console which might ultimately the traffic of your website. Moreover, if you promote your website on an irrelevant platform, Google algorithms also consider it as a spammy promotion and this backlink would of no use.


 When considering the backlinks of a website, domain authority also does matter a lot. When we get a backlink from a high authority website. it would a precious backlink of your website.
 When your website will be recommended (backlinked) by a high authority domain, Google takes your website as a trusted and useful website and it will boost its ranking on search engines. Therefore, if you get a backlink from the BBC or Forbes, it is a precious Diamond for your website.
High authority backlinks


 For the backlinks of a website, the traffic of the referring site also matters. If the website has more traffic, it will ultimately increase the traffic (referral traffic) of the backlinked website. So, the traffic on your website will also increase the ranking of your website.


 Placement of backlink is of great importance. If a backlink of a website is present at a position where it is not more clickable e.g. on the footer or any corner etc., it will be of less importance than those which are present at a prominent place.
 So, backlinks present at a prominent place will give more traffic to your website than present at a place that is usually neglected by the visitors of the website.

DoFollow or NoFollow Backlinks

 If you are trying to get a backlink from a website, you must try to get DoFollow backlink as it asks search engines to index the website while crawling that website. 
So, DoFollow backlink is more useful than NoFollow backlink. However, NoFollow backlinks also have their importance and allow the website to earn some SEO score.

Anchor Text

 Anchor text is also another factor that makes a part of text clickable. If the anchor text as some contrasting color, it'll be more clickable and increase the referral traffic of the backlinked website.
 Also, the anchor text must not be misleading otherwise your it will have no impact on your SEO score as Google algorithm can check the relevance of the anchor text with the URL.
Moreover, it will also decrease the bounce rate of your website   However, you can use some interesting and appealing anchor text such as for health blog you can use the anchor text “lose your weight in only seven days” for the fat burning post.

Don't Buy Backlinks

Buying backlinks is never a good idea as this can hurt your website rather than helping you boost the ranking of your website. There are a lot of stores on the internet that offer black hat backlinks and other kinds of backlinks selling websites.
Google doesn't want you to get backlinks naturally and these kinds of backlinks are detected by Google algorithms after Panda and Penguin updates by Google and ultimately it can lead you to face a manual action or penalty by Google.
Google detects the nature of backlinks in different ways and Google is smarter than you as it can detect spammy blog networks in no time and it will make you suffer from a penalty by Google. 
So, never buy backlinks from online stores or freelancing websites as you are not only spending money but also can hurt your SEO ranking.


 In a nutshell, we can say that the backlinks are of great importance as they are very useful to build the authority of your website. It is also clear that you get more authority from a high authority domain when building a backlink. 
However, when trying to earn a backlink, you must always follow the webmaster guidelines otherwise search engines can take any manual action to penalize your website.
 It can also be said that if it is more difficult for a backlink, it will be more useful and vice versa.
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