How to add a live sport widget on your blog or website?

How to add a live sport (cricket, football and other news widgets) widget on your blog or website?

Widget embedded code
Everybody likes to add extra feature to his/her blog or website to make it more appealing and more responsive. For this purpose you can add different widgets which include live score of cricket, football, others news and other information etc. Different Sport Websites like Cricwave, ESPN etc. offer their widget for live sport information. Even different news websites also offer different kind of widgets.

 You can manually add widget also if you are a professional web developer otherwise you can do it by simply copying embedded code from the websites.

Simply go to the website which offers the widget and then copy the embedded code. These embedded code are usually present in responsive dimensions which does not disturb the layout of your website or blog.

After copying the embedded code of suitable widget paste it in anywhere in the html code inside <body> tag of your website. These widget will be shown there.

It is recommended to add a widget in suitable place like sidebar. You can add a section which you think is suitable for the layout by going to theme section of WordPress or CMS like blogger etc. otherwise if you are professional in html language you dedicate a place for you widget.

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