Government Postpones Implementation Rules and Regulations to Social Media

Government Postpones Implementation of New Rules and Regulations on Social Media

Government has finally decided to postpone the new rules and regulation on social media after strong criticism against. The decision has been taken after strong protest from social media users and other platforms. Moreover, the government has also taken the decision in view of the reservation from Asia Internet Coalition (AIC). Google, YouTube and Facebook has also threatened that they will withdraw from Pakistan if these regulation are implemented.

 This will compromise the freedom of express of the People of Pakistan. There may be more troubles for Pakistan on Internet Sector which is providing livelihood to many freelancers on freelancing market, which will increase the trouble of the people of Pakistan.
PM Imran Khan has formed to a team to get a solution and midway for this problem. This team has been led by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Amir Azeem Bajwa which will present its report after two months.

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