Facebook and Telenor Start Joint Programmed to Empower Women in Digital Skills.

Facebook and Telenor Start Joint Programmes to Empower Women in Digital Skills.

ISLAMABAD: Facebook and Telenor are starting programs to empower more than 1000 girls and women to empower them in the digital sector.

Facebook and Telenor will start training 1000 women and girls to train them by their program "#SheMeansBusiness" though the digital skills platform.
 Women in Pakistan have great ability but they cannot use for great restrictions by society. This program will enhance the confidence of the women in the digital sector and pave a way for them to utilize their potential to empower themselves financially. 
 In Pakistan "World Women Day" will be celebrated on the 8th March. Many of the organizations held different seminars in connection with the empowerment of women in  the relevant sector.
On that occasion, Irfan Wahab CEO of Telenor Pakistan said “Our partnership with Facebook is a representation of our struggles to provide equal opportunities to women, who have the will but lack resources to become partners in the development of Pakistan’s economy and society,”
 Other speakers at the workshop raised the importance of the women empowerment in the society. They said that if a woman is empowered this means the whole society is being empowered. Therefore, the empowerment of women in Pakistan is inevitable.

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