How to Become Successful Blogger in 2022 Essential Tips

Don't mistakes these mistakes while blogging

Many people start blogging by getting motivation but in the end, they quit it because of the blunders which they make while blogging.

In this article, I'm going to tell you the reasons for the failure of bloggers in blogging which have been frequently observed. Most of the common reasons are as follows:

They don't Choose a Strong Niche

Many people start blogging but they don't choose the strong niche for their psyche. This is the major problem of the bloggers for not getting their blog ranked. This are the common mistakes which most of the bloggers made while choosing a niche for their blog.

Many people choose the blog which is not related to their passion. So, you should choose the niche for which you are interested in.


Many people fail because they lack patience. Patience is the key to success. Consider a person who is a stranger. You will never recommend his friendship in just one or two meetings. You will comment about him/her and you will only be intimated after passing time with him/her. Google does the same to your blog or website.

 People want to rank their page on the first page of the google search engine but they are making a big mistake. Nothing prospers overnight. It takes time for everything to create a room for him in blogging.

Avoiding Competition

Avoiding competition is also a big mistake the people make while blogging. People don't choose the topics about which they have knowledge and passion. Instead of these topics, they choose the topic which are irrelevant to their field considering that there is less competition. But they must think that if there are many blogs on a topic this guarantees that this is a valid field and it blessed more people with success.

This doesn't mean that you should only go to the field where is more competition. Only choose the topic which is in accordance which your tastes so that you may stay more on this topic for this long journey of a blog. In this way, you stick to the topic and don't distract.
Here the term competition is meaningless. So, never let these terms determine your passion.

An easy way to determine the topic is to consider the topic for which you enjoy writing and you can write even free of cost.

Don't Be Inconsistent

Think about a shop where you buy something for yourself. But, what happens! when you go to a shop and don't get the item you need. The shopkeeper will lose trust and you will not go to that shop next time. The same does happen when you are inconsistent in blogging.

Ultimately, your blog traffic depends on google search and when you lose the trust of google by rarely posting on your blog or posting inconsistently, Google will never rank you high and ultimately, this affects the traffic of your website.

So, be consistent with your blog. And make a schedule of posting and never break this schedule.

Blogging is the innate quality of a writer

Write a Quality Content

The quality of your post matters a lot. Many bloggers write many posts but these posts are just filling their blogs and don't do anything. The bloggers don't get the interaction with their audience. You should prefer the quality of the blog over the quantity of the stuff. Because the quality of the stuff is of great importance.

Google algorithms are more advance and they can even check the quality of the stuff. The content is the backbone of the blog. So, never compromise over the content of the blog. 90 percent of the value of the blog depends on its quality and the other 10 percent are those factors for which we run madly and we damage the content of the blog which the other 90 percent. SEO, meta description, etc. are in vain if your blog is not having quality content.

You must take care of the spelling and grammatical mistakes in your blog. When Google finds a lot of mistakes in your writing, it will never boost your post even after strong SEO. So, take care bout the mistakes in your blog by proofreading or installing extensions like "Grammarly" in the browser for these mistakes.

Stay Updated

A blogger must stay updated about the latest news related to the blog and must write over the hot topics. The love to read about the curious things. The new things have a curiosity and this stuff instantly can get the attraction of the readers.

A blogger should know about the latest updates regarding the topic of the blog to make his/her blog valuable for the time being.

Sharing your Content

Billions of people use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and there is a large community that can be interested in your blog. Try to get the attention of these giant networks.

Don't underestimate the power of social media. Use it to bring a lot of traffic to your website.

Work on SEO

You should also work on the SEO of your blog. For this a lot of browser extension is available. Choosing the high-frequency words and replace the words with those. You should choose a strong keyword for your blog.

Moreover, you must choose a Favicon, Logo, etc for your blog to make it more professional. This can increase the traffic of your blog by up to 10 to 20 percent. You can index your website manually to the search engines if the search engine is not crawling your blog.

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